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Atlanta Photo Booth – William and Schellie Christmas 2012 – Famous William Company

Hey you guys!! We had our first Christmas party together as a married couple!! We broke tradition and had it at our home instead of our parents, and invited everyone in both of our families. That meant like 30+ people. William was a bit overwhelmed because he’s used to smaller family gatherings, but my family is huge! Needless to say, we had a blast. Here’s the proof!!!Β Download your pics here!
Happy Day <3 Schellie Hogan

Atlanta Wedding Photography – Heidi and Jeremy – Famous William Company

We’ve had tons of fun with Jeremy and Heidi throughout their wedding planning. We did their engagement shoot, which you might remember if you click here. It was zombie themed! And we had the photo booth at their wedding; to see that, click here. Their coolness didn’t end there… They had a rock star themed wedding, with karaoke! Check out some of the photos below, and be sure to check out their gallery here if you have the password!:)
Happy Day! <3 Schellie Hogan

Serenbe Wedding Photography – William and Schellie – Famous William Company

SO, check this out. We’re photographing Michelle and Ryan’s wedding in January, and they’re photographers just like us! So we had this brilliant idea! We exchanged couple shoots at Serenbe. Here are our photos. Theirs will be on the blog soon enough.:)Check out the rest of our photos here.
Happy Day <3 Schellie Hogan
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