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Famous William Company – Bridal Photography – Ashley Knight

So a while back Ashley won a bridal session complete with makeup by esthetician Corie Messer, check her out here. We met at my house to get Ashley all dolled up, then headed down the road to a magical place I drive by almost every week. All the trees here are crooked. I believe it’s because of the creeks that run through these woods. Anyway I sure love it when trees don’t grow straight. It’s almost like they are trying to be different. I especially loved the pinwheels that were provided by Mason Rabbits Paperie owned by the awesome Ashley Henderson. She has many cool paper products for your wedding. On another note there is a current contest on our companies facebook page. It is sort of a riddle so no hints. Who ever figures it out first is the winner!    

Ashley and Jikovey – Wedding Photography – Famous William Company

Ashley and Jikovey had their wedding at The Centre at Arbor Connection. It was pretty relaxed. The food was delicious as it always is from Sam and Rosco’s. If you haven’t eaten there you should. It is in Douglasville just southwest of Atlanta and you won’t regret it. I forgot to ask who made Ashley’s dress but I thought it looked super gangster paired with her cage veil and the grooms pimpin white tux. Together they reminded me a bit of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow minus the violence. The photo booth was also there to rock. That is what the photo booth does. That is all the photo booth does. ROCK. See it here.  

Fruithurst Winery Engagement – Tara and Dustin – Famous William Company

Tara and Dustin didn’t hesitate when I suggested we shoot at the awesome Fruithurst Winery Company in Fruithurst, Alabama which uses muscadines from Laminack Vineyards. It’s a bit different from a grape vineyard like the one here. I even got a quick tour of the facilities and let me say the setup for making that delicious wine we all love is pretty intimidating. While I waited for Tara and her fiance to arrive I tried a couple and I was hooked. I ended up leaving with a bottle of the Sweet White Muscadine, made from Carlos muscadines and a bottle of the Sweet Blueberry. I didn’t even know blueberry wine existed!  But anyway, meet Tara, Dustin, and Sunni, their adorable doggie, who will be dressed bow tie proper next May.  
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