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  Who’s William and why is he Famous? We get this all the time.

Famous is more about the feeling we create for you. Just take a look at our work and we are sure you will agree that you aren’t just looking for photography but instead a feeling. It’s a feeling of heartfelt warmth and love that transcends normal images and creates a sense of wonderment. If you feel like the photos here could be in fashion magazines then you are exactly right because many of them are.

We know you want the day you get hitched to go off without a hitch. That’s why we live by the motto Hakuna Matata. You will never find a team as laid back and easy going. We can be that way because of our extreme dependability, confidence that shows, and undying commitment to all things you. We aren’t the big studio that handles hundreds of clients. Instead we focus on personalized attention with every bride we work with. We only do wedding photography so that means we are available to have brunch or text almost any time. Plus, we travel anywhere in the world for no additional fees!

We’re a husband and wife team. We do everything together and we love it, because we love each other.

About Schellie

Schellie is passionate and fun, wildly in love with her spouse, and the genius behind everything that makes Famous William Company special.  She says her favorite artist is her husband. That’s sweet and perhaps a homage to the Famous William brand. We might never know.  She spends her days at the University of West Georgia, where she studies and creates Fine Art Photography. The rest of her time, she dedicates to the company and William. Her style is shown in her photography, with pure beauty and love. She wants you to become her friend on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest. Happy Day. <3

About William

William is an Eagle Scout and has a degree in Fine Art Photography from UWG. He has been a wedding industry professional since 2007 and is wildly in love with his wife, Schellie. He spends his week managing the day to day operations of Famous William Company and their photo booth business. His style of photography is clean and simple with a focus on symmetry. His landscape portraiture is a direct result of his experiences exhibiting in galleries.  His wedding day demeanor is best described in three ways: positivity by his clients, confidence by him, and cocky by his wife. He insists that you become his friend on Facebook, and follow him on Instagram and Pinterest

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