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Historic Rugby TN Wedding Photography – Heather and Michael Wedding – Famous William Company

You guys might remember Heather and Michael and their adorable family from this session. WELL, now they’re married! And we got to photograph it! Yay!;)Heather and Michael got married in Historic Rugby, Tennessee. It is one of the neatest places we’ve gotten to photograph, and it matched Heather and Michael perfectly!  It was founded in the 1880′s by British author and social reformer, Thomas Hughes, as an aspiring Utopia for better lives in America. The village still stands today, as a restored preservation of the beautiful Victorian village. One of the coolest things (in my opinion) is the wonderful library there, with all the old books! Check it out!! & to find out more about Historic Rugby, click here. OH, and can you believe that they don’t have regular weddings there?!
<3 Schellie Hogan
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