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Historic Rugby TN Wedding Photography – Heather and Michael Wedding – Famous William Company

You guys might remember Heather and Michael and their adorable family from this session.ย WELL, now they’re married! And we got to photograph it! Yay!;)Heather and Michael got married in Historic Rugby, Tennessee. It is one of the neatest places we’ve gotten to photograph, and it matched Heather and Michael perfectly! ย It was founded in the 1880′s byย British author and social reformer, Thomas Hughes, as an aspiring Utopia for better lives in America. The village still stands today, as a restored preservation of the beautiful Victorian village. One of the coolest things (in my opinion) is the wonderful library there, with all the old books! Check it out!! & to find out more about Historic Rugby, click here. OH, and can you believe that they don’t have regular weddings there?!
<3 Schellie Hogan
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