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West Georgia Wedding Photography – Sebastienne and Maria Portraits – Famous William Company

Sebastienne and Maria are building a tiny home! When we say tiny, we mean it! They say, “We are two wives who are planning to build a Tiny House on wheels, as a way to live within our means, and to live lighter and freer, and with less negative impact on the environment. It will be on our land.” —  Because of this, they decided to set up the inside of their “tiny home” without the actual home built yet! So here we are, in the middle of their land in the woods, taking pictures of these beautiful women in their soon to be home, in their soon to be bed, soon to be kitchen, soon to be bathroom, all in this tiny spot. Check it out!!!
 <3 Happy Day, Schellie and William Hogan
P.S. Check out their blog here, and the rest of their gallery here.

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