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Panama City Beach Wedding Photography – Jenna and Matt Wedding – Famous William Company

They were making preparations
About a year ago
Where they would have the ceremony
They really did not know
First it was Savannah
Then Jasper was the spot
Next it was a covered bridge
They were gonna give a shot
It seemed that all this wedding stuff
Was getting out of hand
They decided it was Florida
A wedding in the sand
If they could find a preacher
It would wind up as they planned
James said that he would do it
But he had not been trained
Maybe he could go online
And get himself ordained
They asked some other people
And went through other names
When everything was settled
They decided it was James
He went online and studied
And passed the final test
Jen said it was all settled
And they could do the rest
Karen was a nervous wreck
Buck about the same
Jen said that she was stressed
She might miss a Falcons game
They did not want a fancy deal
No steak or other things
Just heat the oil and throw them in
We’re cooking  chicken wings
Matt has his suit all ready
Jens dress is sized and stitched
They are headed to Florida
And they are getting hitched

-Grand Paw Walkup

Check out their engagement photos here.
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