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Hey ya’ll! In case you haven’t been following William’s blog, news alert: he got married. Yes, married. And to me! The wedding photographer got married to me! (Schellie) And I must say that I’m the luckiest girl in the universe. Since we’ve been married, we’ve done lots of cool things together, but here’s one of the cool things we’d like to share with you guys. He took me out on a photo shoot date. And guess where he took me? (You can obviously tell below…) He took me to a field of sunflowers, my absolute favorite flowers. And don’t you love the blue dress? He bought it for me from Urban Outfitters, specifically for this date. I was really nervous and shy in front of the camera to begin with, but he did a great job at easing my fears. Let’s face it: the man knows what he’s doing. He kept telling me “work it, girl.” It made me giggle a lot and let’s just say that I’m still not quite sure how to “work it.” <3 Schellie P.S. You'll be hearing much more from me.
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