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Hello Everyone, William here. I wanted to answer everyone’s questions about our re-branding process.

Famous William Company LLC was our company name but we have outgrown it. I felt like we do so many amazing things that our company was more like a galaxy of  far out creatives.  So instead of having all the things we do listed under Famous William Company, we have created a new company called Far Out Galaxy LLC. We are excited about this re birthing and promise many amazing and creative things to come. 

Within this company we have multiple creatives AND each creative has their own website!

 This is the new home of the wedding photography blog of Schellie and William Hogan. It’s intriguing. Something to do with octopuses…

  The coolest photo booth from a Far Out Galaxy. I designed and built these myself.  We have 4 robots in just ATL. 

Because people want movie quality wedding coverage. Our cinematographer understands. 

We have the fancy sound and lighting equipment, plus a DJ couple that understands how to pitch bend. 

So until I decide what I want to do with the brand, please see one of the blog links above to stay up to date. 

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